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ICA 2014 Puzzle #2 - An Anagram

A sonnetPuzzle was sent to the ICA 2014 organizers by the IAA representative who scouts locations for the Congress. He has been scouting locations since 1895, and boy, is he tired. He’s a little loopy, too. Each line of his sonnet contains the encoded name of a city where the Congress has been held, including, appropriately enough, the city that will host the next one in 2014.

Read the sonnet, and then submit the puzzle solution to enter a drawing to win a prize! Send the list of fourteen cities in the order they appear in the sonnet to info@ica2014.org by the new extended deadline of January 31, 2011.

Of the correct entries, one will be selected at random to receive a $250 American Express gift card. The correct answers for the puzzle and an announcement of the winner will be posted online in early February.

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